Focus your budget

Who are your customers and what platforms do they use? Sounds logical but it is surprising how many companies post on as many platforms as possible, without stopping to find out if they are reaching their target market.

Bottom line – It’s better to post a few great pieces of content regularly on one platform than waste time and resources posting one line here and there whenever you remember.

Facebook is often the best choice, at least initially, or until you find out your target customers tend to prefer other platforms. In the UK, Facebook is predicted to reach 33 million users by 2018. 44% of them check their account several times a day. (source: Statistia

Choosing the right time is also important. Popular days/times are Wednesday – Friday afternoons before 4pm. It’s the best time to reach a business audience.

Stuck in a rut

Many companies continue to produce the same type of neutral content for the same channels week in week out. Once you are established, don’t be afraid to experiment. Expand your reach by trying something new. How about?

  • Facebook live video streaming
  • Youtube channel
  • LinkedIn, which is frequently neglected. How about an optimised LinkedIn showcase page?


Many small companies struggle with finding suitable content to share on a weekly basis. It really is worth time and money to produce regular articles and videos. Much of this content can be re-used whether it is chunking the information into tweets or Facebook posts or giving an old blog post a different spin 6 months down the line.

It is also worth pulling in expertise from the whole team. Each member will have something unique to share about his or her role or your industry. If you struggle with time, pay someone to do the video or get that content into a blog post. It really is worth it to have something unique to say.

Want to grab the attention of someone scrolling quickly through a busy newsfeed? A one line piece of text will NOT do it – no matter how profound or useful it might be. People love images !! Even on a tight budget, you can create infographics, use cheap or royalty free stock photos or use that phone in your pocket for a quick photo. It really is worth the effort!

Video is the new king!

Facebook live and Periscope for Twitter have taken off in a big way. In fact, video has a much better chance of being seen than any other media. It doesn’t have to be expensive, ultra high quality. Consider how you can add value using live video, short film clips or animation.

Snappy, short videos on your timelines are great for grabbing peoples attention and also for your post engagement. The longer someone spends looking at your post, the more likely they are to see the next one! (link to explanation of Facebook algorithm).

Share your own stuff!

Make every one of your employees share that content. They are connected to lots of people, who are in turn connected to lots of people. Make the most of this free audience. That’s what networking is about.

And don’t forget to Network

Just like offline relationships, online relationships need to be cultivated. Engage with others who show interest in your content, engage with other businesses on content relevant to you. Make sure you follow and like other people. Don’t simply focus on who follows you… go out there and find customers! AND talk to them!