I am a website designer & builder based in the Scottish Borders. I help organisations improve their online profile.

I can

Make you a great website that works well on everything from mobile phones & tablets to wide screen TV.

Improve your current website, so it works well on everything from mobile phones & tablets to wide screen TV.

Improve your website search engine ranking & usability.

Help you make the most of social media.

Help you to manage your own content and provide support and training to support this process.


I am a designer with over 20 years experience working at the coalface of web design. I have worked with businesses all over the UK, as part of large and small teams & in multiple roles that include web design, project management, usability consultant & social media manager.

Web Design Services

As a consultant, I offer businesses a ‘one stop shop’ for their websites. If I can’t take care of something directly, I have a network of contacts who will, under my management. Services include:

  • A full audit of your current website and social media & search engine performance
  • Website design and maintenance
  • Custom built content management solutions with WordPress
  • Comprehensive training

Friendly advice for small businesses

The rapid rise of the Internet, and the constant stream of new apps and services, has left many people confused about what their business needs to do to reach its customers. Should you use Twitter & Facebook? LinkedIn or Instagram? Or is a website enough?

The answer is that it depends on your business, your customers & your resources. I help businesses navigate the digital world and use it to their advantage.